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For over 35 years, Guitar Salon International has been providing customers with the finest selection of classical and flamenco guitars in the world

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In our selection of the best contemporary guitar makers, we have chosen to represent those that we believe create instruments that are built to last – both in terms of musical quality and investment. As a result, many of the young luthiers we highlight as the best of their generation proceed to become the world’s most sought-after builders.

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Through our auction, we've created an exciting alternative way to acquire a great guitar. Many of the guitars offered here have been donated to the GSI Foundation, so in those instances you'll have the unique opportunity to both own a beautiful instrument and make an invaluable contribution to help fund music education.

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2020 Matthew Chaffin SP/IN
2020 Matthew Chaffin SP/IN

Current Bid: $2,100.00

Auction ends May 26, 2022

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Every guitar tells a story

We've created a world-class archive of instruments,
their stories and provenance.
Because it's true - every guitar does tell a story.

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Stories, culture, friends and community

We believe in building a relationship and supporting everyone within our community - from our close relationships with both the makers and players of these instruments, and serving professionals, students, collectors and aficionados alike. We have a deep and profound respect for the art, and love fostering our community.

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Dynamite Guitars Season 2022-2023 Announced!

Our friends from The Omni Foundation For The Performing Arts have announced the new 2022-2023 season of the Dynamite Guitars Concert Series. This is already the 42nd season of this prestigio..


We Are Guitar Episode 7 With Emily Elbert - Join The Premiere On May 23th!

“We Are Guitar” celebrates hard-working students from Lead Guitar programs around the United States. This show produced by the Lead Guitar, the GSI Foundation and Córdoba Guitars connects students and..


Prakritee Chakraborty & Eduardo Díaz Show That Music Unites People Around The World.

One of the most beautiful things about music is its universal understanding by people no matter where they live or what language they speak. This is a true power that can unite people even from very d..


D'Addario Artists Record Videos On GSI Guitars In Europe

We are proud to announce a new exciting collaboration that will result in a series of classical guitar videos being published on the GSI YouTube channel. Our friends from the D'Addario company have re..

Guitar Demonstrations

A Former Student of Eliot Fisk and João Luiz, Edison Pereyra, Has Recently Visited GSI for The First Time

Recently, we had a new guest in our showroom. Edison Pereyra is a Dominican-American classical guitarist who lives in Boston, MA. Edison received his Master's degree from the New England Conservatory ..

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The Baby Grand Project - New Ukuleles and Mini-Guitars by Pepe Romero Jr.

Pepe Romero Jr. has recently completed a new exciting project - The Baby Grand Project. Perhaps it's best to learn about it directly from Pepe Romero Jr. himself! See what he says and also watch the v..

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Our First Cedar Guitar From Jean-Noël Rohé Is Coming Soon To GSI!

Strasbourg-based guitar maker, Jean-Noël Rohé, is undoubtedly one of the top French luthiers of his generation. His guitars are refined in every detail with a very high level of craftsmanship and extr..

Guitar Demonstrations

A Former Student of Andres Segovia, Eric Henderson, is Back With New GSI Videos

Classical guitarist and composer, Eric Henderson, is back at GSI with new videos! Eric has a unique and very interesting playing style. His performances combine the expressiveness of old-school m..

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Ariel Ameijenda Builds His Last Guitar From the Stock Of Alerce Wood That Belonged To His Father

The "Alerce" (Larch) wood used by Uruguayan maker, Ariel Ameijenda, has been in his family's possession for decades and Ariel has been waiting for the prime moment of this wood to use it. It was origi..


Guitar Salon International Hits 80K Followers on Instagram!

Just this week, we've finally hit another milestone on social media - the Instagram account of Guitar Salon International has now over 80k followers! This is our second largest social media platform r..

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